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2009-04-05 16:02:07 by SuperFlonic

So yeah, I am finally having time to get back to writing.
You may or may not know (probably not, since I never tell anyone about it), but I love to write.
So, I am going to use this News Post as my personal workspace. All of my thoughts regarding the story are going to be posted here. Around this week, the first part will be uploaded. Typing over like pages of text takes a while.

Here's a teaser:

That got you, right?

Lol, China

2009-04-01 10:58:11 by SuperFlonic

I love this new layout. This is like, the overhaul that didn't happen in 2007.


16 bitches!

2009-03-19 02:58:51 by SuperFlonic

Yeah, now I can drink legally.

Okay, that's about it.


2009-02-24 10:04:10 by SuperFlonic

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So, can you guys help me?

2008-08-03 07:43:04 by SuperFlonic

I need your help. I can't find the names of a few songs.

Here's number 1:
Disregard the 'White people, black people' thing, but listen to the music. What's the name?
There was a better version of the song, but I can't find it anymore. Maybe later.

Better version here.

Number 2:
Yep. there's the McDonalds guy again. But this time I want to know what the song is they're playing.

There will be more.


Number 3:
A better version of number 1. SONG PLES

Number 4:
Gots this one? It's an awesome guitar solo.


2008-07-11 12:17:57 by SuperFlonic


And I hate it.
It's seriously the last week of actually working, since all schools in my country end with either just lessons, or a test week. The latter is for me.

Now, I don't dislike the fact that we have a test week, I actually like being at school for only two hours in a row, making only tests, and proceed going home. The thing I despise, is vacation. Vacation, free time, hooray. I don't need it. Two months, if not more, of too much spare time. Resulting in too much NG, too little exercise and a little contact with friends. I am not one to party a lot. My social life is actually quite boring, and I only have a handful of close friends.
I don't know why, but I prefer to have school and be around people I like a lot, instead of not seeing them for over a month or two, and seeing them completely changed after the holidays. And that change is usually negative, like someone changing from a nice kid into a complete chav. Or someone that picked up smoking, drinking, etc...

I am going to work for all of my vacation, and I am going to NY in the last week of my holidays. Besides that, I am going to be lazy and do nothing for my entire vacation long. And at the end, feel like I wasted yet another 6 weeks.

I don't know, newgrounds. I think I just don't like being alone for so long. Boo hoo.

Life just got worse

2008-06-11 15:51:50 by SuperFlonic


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This makes it up a lot, though.
Watch this video.

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I hate life.

2008-05-16 12:48:52 by SuperFlonic

Lol no, fuck that.

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Mai birthday.

2008-03-19 11:40:37 by SuperFlonic


Now please? :)